University of Haripur and British Council Collaborate for Skills Development

Haripur, The University of Haripur has taken another significant step in its mission to enhance the skills and employment opportunities of its students and the broader community. The university has recently hosted a delegation from the British Council, marking the beginning of a promising collaboration focused on skill development and employment enhancement.

According to The University of Haripur, the visit by the British Council delegation, led by Jane Rexworthy, Executive Director, and other esteemed members, aligns with the university’s ongoing collaborations with national and international bodies for the welfare of its students. The university has previously forged agreements with various organizations, including the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Economic Zone Development Company (KPEZDMC), Hattar Industrial Association, Haripur Chamber of Commerce, and several other notable entities.

The primary goal of this collaboration is to identify and train skilled individuals from industries and educational institutions. The British Council, in partnership with KPEZDMC, aims to contribute to positive societal change by ensuring the success of these individuals. The University of Haripur, given its commitment to community development, is set to organize training sessions in collaboration with the British Council.

The initiative focuses on developing, adopting, and scaling up a co-sector upskilling model, aimed at facilitating the transition to employment through the early identification of skills and training innovations. This approach is expected to create opportunities for skill transfer and open new avenues for employment.

Prof. Dr. Shafiq ur Rahman, Vice Chancellor of The University of Haripur, has expressed his full support for this collaboration, highlighting its importance in paving the way for a more promising future for students and the community. The partnership with the British Council is a testament to the university’s dedication to skill development and creating meaningful opportunities for its students.