Pakistan Cricket Board Launches Level 1 Coaching Course for Women Cricketers

Lahore, The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is taking significant strides in promoting women’s cricket by initiating a Level 1 Coaching Course for women, scheduled from November 17 to 20. This course, organized by PCB Women’s Wing and conducted at the National Cricket Academy, marks a notable effort in enhancing the skills and opportunities for women in cricket.

According to Pakistan Cricket Board, the course will feature 29 participants, including six renowned international women cricketers – Gull Feroza, Kaynat Hafeez, Rameen Shamim, Sidra Nawaz, Sukhan Faiz, and Syeda Aroob Shah. This diverse group of participants underscores PCB’s commitment to fostering a holistic development of women’s cricket in Pakistan.

Over the four days, National Cricket Academy coaches Imran Abbas, Rahat Abbas, Shahid Mehboob, Umar Rashid, and Pakistan women’s team coaches Mauhtashim Rashid and Mohsin Kamal will lead the training. The course aims to equip participants with fundamental coaching skills, emphasizing communication, coaching philosophy, planning, and preparation.

At the end of the course, the participants will receive assignments to complete within three months. Successful completion will award them Level 1 coaching certificates, paving the way for their progression in cricket coaching.

Tania Mallick, Head of Women’s Cricket at PCB, expressed excitement about the course, emphasizing its role in empowering women in cricket and creating career paths beyond playing. She highlighted that this initiative is part of PCB Women’s Wing’s larger goal to develop women’s cricket infrastructure and encourage more women to step into coaching roles.

This coaching course represents a vital step towards achieving gender equality in cricket. It not only fosters skill development but also opens avenues for women to contribute to cricket in various capacities, thereby enriching the sport.