University of Haripur Signs Collaborative MoU with Yahya Welfare Hospital

Haripur, In a significant move to bolster academic and healthcare collaboration, The University of Haripur has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Yahya Welfare Hospital, Haripur. The MoU, aimed at providing tangible benefits to both institutions, was signed during a visit by the university’s delegation led by Professor Dr. Shafiq Ur Rehman, Vice Chancellor of The University of Haripur.

According to The University of Haripur, the MoU ensures a 25% discount on diagnostic tests and a 10% discount on radiology services at Yahya Hospital for university students, faculty, and staff. This initiative is part of the university’s broader effort to enhance access to quality healthcare services for its community.

Yahya Hospital has also stepped up as a Platinum Category Sponsor for the university’s 1st International Conference on Challenges and Innovations in Medical Lab Sciences. This sponsorship is crucial for the success of the conference, aiming to foster knowledge exchange and innovation in Medical Lab Technology.

Moreover, Yahya Hospital has committed to providing laboratory training for over 250 students from the university’s Department of Medical Lab Technology (MLT) during the summer of 2023. This hands-on training is expected to significantly enhance the practical skills of the students, aligning with the university’s dedication to experiential learning.

The visit by the Vice Chancellor and the subsequent signing of the MoU mark a milestone in strengthening ties between academia and healthcare institutions. The collaboration is seen as a testament to the shared commitment of both The University of Haripur and Yahya Welfare Hospital to advance healthcare services and education in the region. The university expressed gratitude for Yahya Hospital’s support and looks forward to a productive partnership.