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Pasban Democratic Party Urges Immediate Action on Karachi’s Environmental and Health Issues

Karachi, In the aftermath of municipal elections, the Pasban Democratic Party (PDP) has expressed concern over the pressing environmental and health challenges facing Karachi, urging newly elected Mayor Murtaza Wahab to take decisive action. The city, ranked as the fifth most polluted in the world, faces a range of issues from poor waste management to the spread of diseases.

According to PASBAN Democratic Party, Karachi’s problems are exacerbated by incomplete roadworks disrupting the transport system, the spread of diseases like the Congo virus and malaria, and an increase in dog bite incidents. The PDP highlighted that stagnating water in the city’s numerous dug pits is breeding mosquitoes, while piled-up garbage is contributing to the city’s pollution crisis. Quaid emphasized the urgent need for a comprehensive spraying campaign across the city, immediate steps to catch stray dogs, closure of all open pits, and improvements in sanitation.

The PDP congratulated Mayor Murtaza Wahab on his election success but stressed that real achievement lies in transforming Karachi into a charter city with an independent and autonomous city government. Quaid argued that only by allocating the city’s resources effectively can Karachi be liberated from its problems. He also highlighted the need for ensuring the availability of vaccines in all government hospitals.

The Vice Chairman also raised concerns about the potential for increased traffic congestion due to new bus systems and suggested that future infrastructure should accommodate railway tracks, foreseeing the metro bus becoming a symbol of corruption within a few years. The alarming increase in malaria cases, with 2925 reported in Sindh including Karachi in 24 hours, and the treatment of 12 Congo virus patients in hospitals, with one reported death, was cited as evidence of the dire situation resulting from the administration’s negligence.

The PDP’s statement calls for immediate and effective action from Mayor Karachi and the administration to prevent a large number of citizens from falling victim to diseases and environmental hazards.