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Pakistan Sunni Tehreek President Muhammad Sarwat Ejaz Qadri Warns of Rising Sectarianism in Karachi

Karachi, Muhammad Sarwat Ejaz Qadri, President of the Pakistan Sunni Tehreek, expressed grave concerns over the resurgence of sectarian violence and target killings in Karachi, the economic hub and ‘City of Lights’ of Pakistan. Speaking at the funeral prayer of Rahimullah in Orangi Town, an area recently affected by terrorism, Qadri warned of a conspiracy to reignite sectarian strife in the city.

According to Pakistan sunni tehreek, there is a deliberate plot to destabilize Karachi and the country by reigniting sectarian and terrorist activities. He pointed out that the recent spate of target killings in the city is part of a larger scheme to plunge the nation back into sectarian conflict. Qadri emphasized that anti-national elements are seeking to spread religious chaos, and he condemned the targeting of Sunni scholars as part of this conspiracy. He recalled the martyrdom of leaders from the Pakistan Sunni Tehreek, suggesting that these incidents are being misconstrued as signs of weakness.

Qadri called for immediate action to thwart these malicious intentions. He stressed the need for foolproof security for prominent scholars and religious leaders of all schools of thought in Karachi. Highlighting the critical state of the country’s law and order, he urged law enforcement agencies to arrest the killers of Maulana Rahimullah promptly and called on the government to provide financial support to the bereaved family.

Further, Qadri appealed for unity and consensus among all religious and political parties in Pakistan to combat terrorism. He reassured the Ahlasnat community that they are not alone and that the Pakistan Sunni Tehreek will play a leading role in safeguarding the country’s security and integrity. He emphasized that only through unity can the threat of terrorism be eliminated from Pakistan.