NTU Societies Converge for Midhat-e-Rasool Event, a Spiritual Gathering of Devotion

GILGIT , The Wings Society and the Quran Society of the National Textile University (NTU) came together to celebrate the Midhat-e-Rasool event, marking a significant spiritual gathering within the university’s calendar. The event, which comprised various religious activities, saw substantial student involvement and was characterized by a deep sense of reverence and spiritual expression.

According to National Textile University (NTU), the Midhat-e-Rasool event is a cherished tradition at the university, which this year was jointly hosted by the Wings Society and the Quran Society. It featured a series of spiritual activities that included Tilawat—the recitation of the Quran—Naat, which are poems in praise of the Prophet Muhammad, a speech (Bayan) on religious themes, and collective prayers (Duas).

The event drew a large number of students, reflecting the strong communal and devotional aspects of university life at NTU. Participants were described as having engaged with each segment of the event with great zest and solemnity. The Tilawat segment, in particular, was highlighted for its resonating recitations, while the emotional delivery of Naat by students underscored the depth of devotion and respect for religious traditions among the student body.

The efforts of the students who organized the Midhat-e-Rasool event were recognized as key to the creation of a reverent atmosphere. The impact of the event was palpable, with many attendees reportedly left with a profound sense of spiritual fulfillment.

This collaborative effort by NTU’s student societies emphasizes the importance of spiritual events in the university’s commitment to nurturing a holistic educational environment. The successful organization and outcome of the Midhat-e-Rasool event exemplify how religious and spiritual activities are interwoven into the fabric of NTU’s student life, fostering a sense of community and shared values among participants.