IUB Media Studies Department Emphasizes Modern Media Techniques Over Traditional Livelihoods

BAHAWALPUR, In light of evolving digital landscapes, students at the Department of Media and Communication Studies, the Islamia University of Bahawalpur (IUB), were urged to adopt modern media requirements and utilize them positively. The call to action was delivered by well-known broadcaster, former DG Program Khurshid Malik, and the chairman of the department, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shahzad Rana.

According to Islamia University of Bahawalpur, the lecture took place in the IT lab of the Media and Communication Studies Department. The main focus of the session was to encourage students to divert from traditional sources of livelihood and embrace the prospects offered by social media, digital storytelling, and the internet. Recalling the past, Khurshid Malik reminded the audience of the days when the radio was the premier medium of mass communication, and its content was widely accepted and followed. However, with the advent of the internet, which transformed the world into a global village, societies and their means of communication underwent significant changes. Malik highlighted the limited job opportunities in traditional media outlets and emphasized the potential of the internet and social media for self-sufficiency, especially for communication students.

Applauding the hands-on work integrated into the studies, Malik lauded the Department of Media and Communication for equipping today’s youth with both academic and practical skills needed for the contemporary age. Such efforts, he added, not only provide knowledge but also practical tools beneficial for real-world scenarios.

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shahzad Rana reinforced Malik’s sentiments, expressing pride in the department’s students who have secured prominent positions in the mass media during their academic tenure. Many alumni, he noted, have even established their own production companies, providing numerous employment opportunities for the youth. Rana attributed the department’s success to its dedication to practical work and its team of expert instructors. He elaborated on the diverse practical training offered in the department, which encompasses radio broadcasting, TV/film, and other related domains.

Amjad Kaliar, Public Relations Officer of Punjab Home Department, along with faculty members Dr. Hanan Tareen, Dr. Qamar Zaman, Raza Majid, Ali Hasan Rizvi, Mahim Shams, Tayyaba Latif, Lecturer Zain Zameer, Afifa Paracha, and a significant number of students attended the lecture. Before the session, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shehzad Rana led a guided tour showcasing the TV studio, FM radio facilities, and other sections of the department to the esteemed guests.