Former President Zardari Congratulates New SCBA Office Bearers

ISLAMABAD, Asif Ali Zardari, former President of Pakistan and the current President of Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians, has conveyed his congratulations to the Supreme Court Bar’s newly minted office bearers.

According to Pakistan People’s Party, Zardari sent his regards to the victorious Asma Jahangir group, which the PPP endorses. He particularly recognized President Shehzad Shaukat and Secretary Ali Imran, extending his congratulations to the entire cadre of elected members.

Zardari acknowledged the election of the Asma Jahangir group by the legal community as a testament to Asma Jahangir’s invaluable contributions. Sharing his perspective on the nation’s fundamental law, Zardari remarked, “For all of us, the Constitution remains an inviolable charter.”