Aga Khan University Strengthens Global Impact and Partnerships in U.S. Visit

Karachi, November 9: President of the Aga Khan University (AKU), Dr. Sulaiman Shahabuddin, along with a delegation of university leadership, recently completed a significant visit to the United States, spanning six states: Florida, Massachusetts, California, Illinois, Washington, and Michigan. The visit aimed to deepen ties with the Ismaili community, donors, alumni, and partner universities, reflecting AKU’s expanding global influence.

According to The Aga Khan University, the tour involved engagements with different groups and visits to partner universities. President Shahabuddin presented AKU’s impressive 40-year journey, highlighting its global impact through superior teaching, research, and healthcare delivery. Established initially in Pakistan, AKU has expanded to multiple campuses across six countries, including Afghanistan, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and the United Kingdom. It boasts over 19,000 graduates in various disciplines, with two-thirds being women. AKU’s health system annually treats more than 2 million patients and collaborates with leading institutions in 20 countries.

Chief University Advancement Officer Ms. Zahra Somani reflected on AKU’s journey and its aspirations. She expressed gratitude for the support from partners and donors and drew attention to the significant impact of AKU alumni in research and leadership, both in the United States and globally.

A key highlight of the visit was President Shahabuddin’s meeting with University of Washington (UW) President Dr. Ana Mari Cauce, discussing potential partnerships. Central to these discussions were topics like climate change, data science, artificial intelligence, and innovative healthcare delivery methods, signaling a growing collaboration between the two universities.

On October 30, Princess Zahra Aga Khan, President Shahabuddin, and the AKU leadership visited the University of Michigan (UM) at the invitation of President Santa Ono. This visit marked AKU’s 40th anniversary and celebrated the strengthening partnership with UM. Discussions focused on the significant impact and future potential of this relationship.

The collaboration between AKU and UM has advanced into Phase II, termed the Aga Khan University-University of Michigan (AKUM) Collaborative Platform for Improving Health. This platform will foster joint efforts in addressing human health concerns, enhancing academic and research capacities, and accessing complex health contexts and communities in Asia and Africa.

Source: The Aga Khan University