Pessimism Prevails in Pakistan Over Unemployment Concerns

Islamabad, A survey reveals that 58% of Pakistanis anticipate that the unemployment situation in the country will deteriorate in the next six months, with a mere 18% maintaining optimism for improvement.

According to Gallup Pakistan, the survey posed a question to a nationally representative sample of adult men and women from across Pakistan: “In your opinion, in the next 6 months, unemployment in Pakistan will be…?” The responses were telling, with 3% predicting it would be ‘much better’, 15% opting for ‘better’, 16% feeling it will remain ‘the same as before’, while a significant 31% foresaw it getting ‘worse’, and 27% worried it would be ‘much worse’. Eight percent of participants were undecided or provided no answer.

These findings from Gallup & Gilani Pakistan and Dun & Bradstreet Pakistan offer a grim outlook on the employment prospects within the country, reflecting a strong current of concern among the populace regarding the economic direction and job opportunities in the near future.