Liaquat Baloch Asserts Palestinian Resilience, Calls for Action in Lahore March

LAHORE, Liaquat Baloch, the Acting Ameer of Jamaat-e-Islami, emphasized the enduring sacrifices and resistance of the women, students, and children of Palestine and Gaza amidst ongoing conflicts and oppression.

According to Jamaat-e-Islami, Liaquat Baloch, while addressing a delegation of students from southern Punjab, detailed the persistent struggles faced by Palestinians under Israeli aggression. He commended the fortitude of the Palestinian people who, despite facing severe bombardment and threats, including that of nuclear attacks, have not been subdued. Baloch highlighted that the support of Western powers has not prevented Israel from weakening and that the silence and negligence of the Muslim world have contributed to Israel’s persistence.

Baloch conveyed a stark picture of the current situation in Gaza, mentioning the daily witnessing of martyrdom by men, women, and children due to Zionist brutality. He urged the need to stir the conscience of global powers through active street protests and participation in the forthcoming Gaza March scheduled for November 19 in Lahore.

In a subsequent meeting with students and youth from Azad Kashmir in Mansoora, Baloch drew parallels between the struggles of Palestinians and Kashmiris. He described the people of Azad Kashmir as a solid front against Indian oppression, emphasizing that the Kashmiri leadership continues to spearhead the freedom movement, even from imprisonment.

Moreover, Baloch stated that the resistance demonstrated by Gaza’s mujahideen has invigorated liberation movements worldwide, bringing significant attention to the Palestinian cause. He asserted that the resolution of the Kashmir and Palestinian issues remains central to global peace. The efforts by Israel to gain legitimacy from Muslim countries and India’s focus on its developmental corridor were disrupted by the Palestinians’ resilient operation “Storm Al-Aqsa,” according to Baloch.

The Acting Ameer also met with Maulana Abdul Rahim Ashrafi of Jamia Ashrafiya to invite him to join the upcoming Gaza March in Lahore. He emphasized that the Kashmiri students and youth are resolute and expressed confidence in their eventual attainment of freedom and self-determination.