JDC Opens Free Dialysis Center in Sialkot Honouring Philanthropist’s Contribution

Sialkot, Marking another milestone in its humanitarian efforts, the JDC Welfare Organization inaugurated a Free Dialysis Center in Sialkot on October 30th, 2023. Named in honour of Kulsoom Akhtar, the mother of sole financial donor and notable businessman Mr. Tanveer, the center aims to provide quality dialysis treatment to those in need without any financial obligations.

According to JDC Foundation Pakistan, this initiative stands as a testament to their dedication to alleviating the health and financial challenges faced by kidney disease patients in Pakistan. The facility, in its commitment to maintaining top-tier patient care standards, ensures the adoption of a one-time use equipment policy, enhancing patient safety and promoting high levels of hygiene.

Zafar Abbas, the General Secretary of JDC, has been steadfast in his mission to establish 50 dialysis centers across the nation. With over 17 million people suffering from kidney diseases and the soaring costs of dialysis treatment – which averages around $3000 annually per patient – the significance of such centers cannot be overstated. JDC’s previously launched dialysis centers, including those in cities like Karachi, have already showcased their transformative impact on patients’ lives, offering them the care they require without the looming threat of financial strain.

Founded on the principles of unbiased humanitarian service, JDC Welfare Organization operates as a non-governmental, non-profit body, with the overarching goal of mitigating human suffering and aiding individuals in resuming their everyday lives.

As JDC furthers its expansion plans for free dialysis centers across Pakistan, the organization continues to stand as a beacon of hope, reaffirming its commitment to providing unparalleled medical care without cost, bringing solace and relief to countless kidney disease patients throughout the country.