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IHHN Emergency Department Hosts WHO-ICRC Basic Emergency Care Course

Karachi, The Emergency Department of Indus Hospital Health Network (IHHN) successfully organized the WHO-ICRC Basic Emergency Care (BEC) Course at its Korangi Campus in Karachi. The course, designed for professionals in Emergency Medicine (EM) and Family Medicine (FM), trained 26 participants, including physicians, nurses, and nursing aids.

According to Indus Hospital health network, the BEC Course, now in its sixth iteration, has expanded its influence beyond Karachi. It has been conducted at the Jubilee Town campus in Lahore and the RTEH campus in Muzaffargarh, significantly broadening its scope. This expansion has led to the development of three master trainers and the training of 60 dedicated trainers. In total, the program has imparted essential emergency care skills to over 110 participants across these regions.

The course’s approach is likened to creating a web of support within local communities, equipping them with the necessary skills to handle emergency situations effectively. This training initiative emphasizes the importance of making critical care accessible to everyone, ensuring that individuals receive timely and appropriate care during emergencies.