Dow University Observes Black Day in Solidarity with Kashmiris

Karachi, Dow University of Health Sciences marked a Black Day, emphasizing its unity with Kashmiris on the 76th anniversary of India’s control over Kashmir. A procession commenced from Dow Medical College’s Court Yard and culminated at Arag Auditorium. The event witnessed significant participation from the university’s senior faculty, including the Registrar, Dr. Ashar Afaq, the Principal of Dow Medical College, Professor Saba Sohail, and Vice Principal Shumaila Khalid. Numerous students and staff members joined in, voicing fervent slogans pertaining to the Kashmir issue.

According to a news release by Dow University of Health Sciences, Dr. Ashar Afaq, the Registrar, elaborated on Pakistan’s annual tradition of observing Black Day on October 27. The intent is to reiterate the nation’s unwavering moral, political, and diplomatic backing for the people of Kashmir. He asserted that as long as the region remains under Indian dominion, the stance of the Pakistani populace remains unyielding. Dr. Afaq further highlighted that this Black Day symbolizes a somber episode in human chronicles, emphasizing the deep-rooted emotional connection between Pakistanis and Kashmiris and their collective commitment to Kashmir’s cause.

During the event, students actively vocalized their sentiments, denouncing the continuous adversities faced by residents in both Kashmir and Palestine. They urged international institutions, primarily the United Nations, to acknowledge and act upon the severe human rights infringements occurring in these regions, pointing out India’s oppressive actions in Kashmir and Israel’s humanitarian breaches in Palestine.