Lahore Carpet Institute Urges for New Market Exploration and Social Media Marketing Policies

Lahore, A strategy focusing on the exploration of new markets and the use of social media for marketing was the central discussion point at a recent meeting led by Ijaz ur Rehman, Chairperson of the Carpet Training Institute (CTI), with delegates from the Pakistan Carpet Manufacturers and Exporters Association.

According to Carpet Training Institute (CTI), Ijaz ur Rehman emphasized the government’s role in aiding the export sector by finding new markets and formulating policies to harness social media for modern marketing strategies. Rehman highlighted that in the current era, social media is a potent tool for advertising and marketing exports and suggested that hosting single-country exhibitions could yield even better results.

During discussions with the delegation, Rehman proposed that the CTI should continue its progress in keeping abreast of design trends in various countries. He urged carpet manufacturers and exporters associated with the hand-made carpet industry to provide suggestions that could be acted upon. Rehman asserted the unique identity of Pakistan’s hand-made carpets on the global stage and called for government support to nurture this industry.

Hand-made Pakistani carpets are recognized worldwide for their distinctiveness, and the government’s patronage is critically needed to maintain and grow their presence in international markets.