Punjab Pavilion Becomes Cultural Attraction at Islamabad’s Lok Mela with Artisan Displays and Traditional Foods

Islamabad, The Punjab Pavilion at Lok Mela, inaugurated by the Director General of the Punjab Arts Council Syed Bilal Haider, is drawing crowds with its rich display of regional crafts and cultural heritage. Highlighting the importance of cultural identity and preservation, Haider emphasized that staying connected to one’s culture is crucial for development. The pavilion showcases a range of traditional crafts and has become a focal point for visitors, with over 50 stalls featuring around 100 skilled artisans.

According to Punjab Council of the Arts, Rawalpindi, the Punjab Pavilion’s inauguration marked a significant effort to promote the diverse and ancient culture of Punjab, renowned as the land of five rivers. Syed Bilal Haider expressed that culture connects the past with the present and is fundamental to realizing one’s identity and creating a prosperous society. The pavilion presents various forms of traditional art, from pottery and textile work to bone carving and brass work, celebrating the region’s artisans and their crafts.

The pavilion has attracted not only local visitors but also international tourists on its opening day. It features artisanal demonstrations and workshops, offering a live display of crafts such as Chungir Sazi by Hajran Bibi from Bahawalpur, Kishda Kari by Shahada Bibi, and pottery by Ibrahim Alam, among others. The event also spotlights the talent of Shaukat Dholi, an internationally recognized performer, and the Punjab Folk Dance Party. Adding to the cultural experience, regional traditional food stalls offering local delicacies like corn bread and butter, and ‘chatti ki lassi’ are proving to be a hit with the visitors.

The Punjab Pavilion at Lok Mela serves not only as a testament to the region’s artistic abilities but also as a crucial platform for the promotion of unity and solidarity through cultural expression. This celebration of heritage and craftsmanship underscores the essential role of art and culture in the development and identity of Pakistan.