Tehreek Nafeez Fiqh Jafaria Pakistan Leader Condemns Gaza Massacre, Criticizes Global and Muslim Leadership

Rawalpindi, a comma: The Head of Tehreek Nafeez Fiqh Jafaria Pakistan, Allama Agha Syed Hussain Muqdisi, has expressed deep sorrow and condemnation over the massacre of Palestinians in Gaza by the Israeli army. His statement criticizes the global community, particularly the United States and Muslim rulers, for their perceived inaction and inability to adequately address the situation in Palestine. This condemnation reflects growing frustration and calls for more robust action from international and Muslim leaders in response to the crisis.

According to Tehreek Nafeez Fiqh Jafaria Pakistan, Muqdisi denounced the U.S. position on Palestine, which he believes has rendered the Security Council ineffective. He expressed disappointment in Muslim rulers for their lack of open criticism against Israel and its supporters. Muqdisi highlighted the sacrifices of Palestinian and Kashmiri mothers, likening them to historical Islamic figures Zainab and Kalthum, and asserting that their sacrifices would not be in vain.

Muqdisi also announced the celebration of Aqilah Bani Hashim Day, established by Quaid Millat Jafaria Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Mousavi, in honor of Hazrat Sayeda Zainab bint Ali’s birth. He described Hazrat Zainab as a symbol of determination and courage, inspiring oppressed and freedom fighters worldwide to stand against tyranny. Muqdisi emphasized that the struggles in Palestine and Kashmir are part of a global movement for freedom and that these efforts will eventually succeed.

His statements underscore the deep emotional and ideological ties between the struggles in Palestine and Kashmir and the broader Islamic narrative of resistance against oppression. This narrative frames the current conflicts as part of a historical and spiritual continuum, calling for increased solidarity and action from the Muslim community worldwide.