Pakistan Sunni Tehreek President Calls for Elections to Address National Challenges

Karachi, Muhammad Sarwat Ejaz Qadri, the President of Pakistan Sunni Tehreek, emphasized the necessity of elections to address the current challenges facing the country. In his statement, he expressed concerns about the political alliances and their potential impact on the public. Qadri’s remarks highlight the complexities of the political landscape in Pakistan and the need for a focused approach to governance and public welfare.

According to Pakistan Sunni Tehreek, Qadri stated that the recurrent disappointments caused by political alliances require a change in approach, particularly with the upcoming elections. He noted that political parties have begun to manipulate public sentiment for electoral success and personal gains. Qadri stressed that the winning party in the elections should prioritize acknowledging and incorporating the mandates of all parties in forming a government.

Qadri also addressed the urgent need for an independent government to tackle inflation and unemployment, which he described as critical issues in the current situation. He pointed out the concerns of industries and the business community about rising inflation and the decreasing opportunities, leading to widespread unemployment. Qadri highlighted the importance of genuine public service and vowed that Pakistan Sunni Tehreek would prioritize the public’s interests if elected. He criticized the practice of political parties making grand promises before elections and then changing their stance post-election, a tradition he pledged Pakistan Sunni Tehreek would end.

These statements reflect the call for a more inclusive and effective approach to governance in Pakistan, emphasizing the need for responsible leadership that prioritizes the welfare of the people above political interests.