Internal Affairs

Pakistan Sunni Tehreek President Advocates for Elections to Bolster Economy

Karachi, Muhammad Sarwat Ijaz Qadri, the President of Pakistan Sunni Tehreek, has strongly advocated for holding general elections as a key to improving Pakistan’s economic situation. In his recent statement, Qadri emphasized the importance of a ‘jamboree government’ as a solution to the nation’s challenges and highlighted the need for unity to serve the country effectively.

According to Pakistan Sunni Tehreek, Qadri pointed out the heightened international interest in Pakistan’s elections. He asserted that the establishment of a democratic government would attract foreign investment and create employment opportunities. Qadri’s comments also addressed the need for national unity in the electoral process, suggesting that collaboration with Pakistan Sunni Tehreek could be instrumental in achieving this goal. He underscored the importance of a joint action plan to address internal affairs and restore public trust, which he believes is currently waning. Qadri’s message was one of reconciliation and collective effort, urging political parties to set aside differences and work towards the nation’s development. He also highlighted the brain drain issue, noting that many educated youths are leaving the country due to the current situation. Qadri concluded by reaffirming Pakistan Sunni Tehreek’s commitment to serving the people and promoting the involvement of educated youth in national development.