Pakistan Peace Council Condemns Israeli Army Attack in Gaza Mosque

Karachi, Mufti Muhammad Adnan Madani, the General Secretary of the Pakistan Peace Council, has strongly condemned the recent attack by the Israeli army on a mosque in the Sabra area of Gaza, Palestine. The attack resulted in the death of several worshippers, an act that Mufti Adnan described as deeply reprehensible. This incident has heightened calls for justice among the international community and Muslim rulers, particularly in Pakistan.

According to Pakistan Aman Council, Mufti Adnan emphasized the tragic loss of innocent lives, both in this specific attack and in other incidents involving Palestinian Muslims. He highlighted the dire situation in Gaza, where the Israeli army’s bombings have led to numerous casualties and injuries among the Palestinian population. Mufti Adnan’s statement serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing conflict and its devastating impact on civilians. It also represents a call to action for leaders around the world to address these injustices and seek a resolution to the longstanding issues in the region.