WINGS Society Hosts Successful Pink October Event with Educational Seminar

Faisalabad, The WINGS Society, in collaboration with Kamal Cares and the School of Arts and Design, held an inspiring Pink October event filled with engaging activities and an educational seminar. The event aimed to raise awareness about breast cancer, a critical health issue affecting many women globally.

According to National Textile University (NTU), the event featured various activities, including the “Pink Hunt” and colorful stalls set up by students, creating a vibrant atmosphere. The highlight of the day was an empowering seminar conducted by Dr. Aliya Shaima, a Consultant Surgeon at Allied Hospital Faisalabad. Dr. Shaima shared her expertise on breast cancer prevention, early detection, and treatment options, providing valuable knowledge to the attendees. The event also acknowledged the winners of the poster design competition, awarding them certificates for their creative contributions to the cause. The successful event was supported by Kamal Mills, emphasizing the importance of early detection and collective action in combating breast cancer.