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Tanveer Ahmed Resigns in Tribute to Governor Sindh, Kamran Khan Tesori

Karachi, in a significant event held in Houston, prominent Pakistani businessman Tanveer Ahmed resigned in honor of Sindh Governor Kamran Khan Tesori. The event, which saw extensive participation from the Pakistani community in Houston, known as ‘Mini Karachi’, was a platform for Governor Tesori to address the diaspora.

According to Press Secretary To Governor Sindh, Governor Tesori paid homage to the strong patriotic sentiment of American Pakistanis and pledged his commitment to resolving the issues faced by overseas Pakistanis. He emphasized the crucial role of the diaspora as assets to the Pakistani nation and urged them to prioritize investment in their homeland. The Governor also highlighted the importance of addressing Pakistan’s economic challenges and the government’s focus on implementing solutions.

Governor Tesori announced several initiatives aimed at benefiting the Pakistani community, both at home and abroad. These include the launch of IT classes for 50,000 youths, reflecting an investment in the nation’s future. He stressed the need for the government to be accessible and responsive to the populace, enabling direct communication of their concerns. To facilitate this, he announced the availability of a 24-hour helpline, 1366, at the Governor House, described as the ‘bell of hope’.

The resignation of Tanveer Ahmed in honor of Governor Tesori, coupled with the active participation of the Pakistani community in Houston, underscores the strong connections and patriotic fervor among the Pakistani diaspora. This event represents a significant gesture towards fostering a closer relationship between Pakistan and its overseas community.