Bridging Perspectives: A Meaningful Exchange with Parents of Special Children

Islamabad, September 04, 2023 (PPI-OT): The Department of Community Medicine at Shifa College of Medicine organized a unique and insightful interview session that brought together parents of special children and third-year MBBS students. The session aimed to foster understanding, compassion, and knowledge exchange between the medical community and parents who navigate the challenges and joys of raising special children. Dr. Sajida Naseem, Head of the Department, welcomed the parents and guided them through an enriching experience.

The interview session commenced with Dr. Sajida Naseem extending a warm welcome to the parents who graced the event with their presence. With empathy and enthusiasm, she set the tone for an open and respectful dialogue between the parents and the medical students. The students, seated attentively, were prepared to listen and learn from the real-life experiences and perspectives shared by the parents.

During the session, the parents candidly shared their personal journeys, shedding light on the struggles they face while raising special children. They courageously delved into the challenges they confront daily and the emotional and physical demands these challenges impose. However, amidst the challenges, a common theme emerged – the parents’ unwavering determination to provide the best care and support for their children. Their stories radiated hope, illustrating the incredible resilience of both parents and children alike.

The parents not only highlighted the difficulties but also emphasized the positive aspects they find in every situation. Their narratives were brimming with instances where they witnessed their children’s accomplishments, no matter how small they might seem to others. Their ability to find joy and progress in the face of adversity left a profound impact on the audience.

One of the most poignant moments of the session was when the parents shared anecdotes of their children’s day-to-day interactions. They eloquently conveyed how these interactions revealed the universal qualities of humanity and humility that are shared by all, regardless of abilities or disabilities. The parents emphasized that their children’s desire for companionship, understanding, and love is no different from anyone else’s.

The students, engrossed in the parents’ narratives, were captivated by the first-hand accounts of resilience and hope. The parents’ viewpoints challenged preconceived notions and expanded the students’ understanding of both medical and human dimensions. The session allowed the students to see beyond medical textbooks and embrace the holistic essence of healthcare.

As the session ended, Dr. Sajida Naseem expressed her heartfelt gratitude to the parents for their willingness to share their experiences, insights, and emotions with the audience. She commended their strength and dedication, acknowledging the profound impact they have on shaping perceptions and encouraging empathy within the medical community.

In a heart-warming gesture, the students stood up and applauded the parents, honouring them for their presence and the invaluable insights they had provided. This gesture symbolized the bridging of gaps and the forging of connections between medical knowledge and real-life experiences.

In conclusion, the interview session organized by the Department of Community Medicine served as a poignant reminder of the importance of empathy, compassion, and understanding within the field of medicine. The event was a testament to the fact that every individual, regardless of their circumstances, has something unique and valuable to contribute to the collective journey of learning and healing

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