Ceremony Honors Journalist Anwar Pakistani, Celebrates Iqbal’s Vision of Pakistan

Karachi, A grand reception was held in honor of senior journalist Muhammad Anwar bin Abbas, known as Anwar Pakistani, at a local hotel, organized by Mohib Qaumi Social Council (MQSC) Pakistan, in collaboration with Azad Ittehad Party and Tehreek Nafeaz Urdu and Provincial Language. The event, themed around Iqbal Day, celebrated the contributions of Anwar Pakistani to journalism and highlighted the ideals of Allama Iqbal.

According to Mohib Qaumi Social Council (MQSC), the event was presided over by Syed Naseem Shah Advocate, a prominent civil society representative. Anwar Pakistani was commended for his journalistic services and congratulated on becoming the chairman of the think tank committee of the All Pakistan Regional Newspapers Society. Distinguished speakers, including Muhammad Younis Sayani, Allama Abdul Khaliq Faridi, Dr. Allama Shah Firozuddin Rahmani, Journalist Afzal Warsi, and others, addressed the ceremony.

The speakers praised Anwar Pakistani for his bravery in journalism and his patriotism, likening his qualities to those of Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal, the celebrated poet and thinker. They emphasized that honoring Iqbal’s vision for Pakistan involves making sacrifices for the nation’s defense and protection. The ceremony resolved to build Pakistan in the light of Iqbal’s ideology and protect his vision for the country.

The event also featured Naat presentations and speeches, highlighting the cultural and philosophical significance of Iqbal’s teachings in shaping Pakistan’s national identity and ethos. The reception served as a reminder of the ongoing relevance of Iqbal’s ideas in contemporary Pakistan.