Shia Ulema Council Warns Against Takfiri Group’s Threat to Peace in Sindh

Karachi, The Shia Ulema Council of Pakistan has raised concerns over the activities of the Takfiri group, accusing it of undermining the peace and harmony in Sindh, a region known for its peaceful Hussain mourners. In a recent conference, the Council’s Central Secretary General, Allama Shabbir Hasan Maithami, emphasized the threat posed by this group to the country’s integrity.

According to the Shia Ulema Council’s, the conference of scholars and dhikreen in Sindh Province was organized to address the growing concerns over the Takfiri group. Allama Shabbir Hasan Maithami, the Council’s Central Secretary General, highlighted that the Takfiri group is openly issuing fatwas of disbelief in Sindh, disrupting the peaceful coexistence in the region. He stated that such actions are unacceptable and go against the principles of unity and solidarity that have been upheld in the country, even in the face of numerous challenges.

The Council expressed its gratitude towards the management and officials who have shown cooperation in this matter. The Shia Ulema Council, representing a significant segment of Pakistan’s religious community, called for the eradication of the Takfiri group, emphasizing its commitment to maintaining peace and unity in the country. The Council’s message reinforces the importance of solidarity in facing threats to the nation’s harmony and integrity.