Dr. Farhana Owais Receives “Itraf e Kamal” Honor at Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi Event

Karachi, In a prestigious ceremony held at the Haseena Moin Hall, the Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi awarded the distinguished “Itraf e Kamal” honor to celebrated television anchor Dr. Farhana Owais. The event, which drew notable personalities including the Provincial Minister of Information, Minority Affairs, Social Protection, and President Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi, Muhammad Ahmed Shah, was a testament to Dr. Owais’s significant contributions to the media industry.

According to Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi, the ceremony was graced by the presence of various luminaries and intellectuals who shared their insights and lauded Dr. Owais’s achievements. Among them, Muhammad Ahmed Shah emphasized the council’s familial ethos and acknowledged Dr. Owais’s exemplary role as a woman who has excelled in her professional life while maintaining a balance with her personal responsibilities. He underscored the importance of remembering and honoring those who have been instrumental in the council’s journey since 1954.

The event also featured a presidential address by Professor Ahmed Qadri, who highlighted the intrinsic value of Urdu in fostering connections and reducing animosities. He commended Dr. Owais for her dedication to knowledge and her meritorious accomplishments in the field of communication. Qadri’s address was a reminder of the ethical considerations in the pursuit of knowledge and the significance of sharing it without succumbing to commercial interests.

Speakers at the event, including Rizwan Sadiqi, Iqbal Latif, and Professor Dr. Sajida Parveen, praised Dr. Owais for her multifaceted contributions, ranging from her educational pursuits to her distinctive presence in the media. They noted her role as a voice of wisdom and inspiration, emphasizing her commitment to ethical principles and her ability to excel in a male-dominated society.

Dr. Farhana Owais, expressing her gratitude, reflected on her journey and the divine blessings that have enabled her to serve through her voice and knowledge. She shared her experiences and aspirations, particularly highlighting her focus on hosting religious programs and the unexpected paths that led her to a prominent position in television news.

The “Itraf e Kamal” event not only celebrated Dr. Owais’s accomplishments but also underscored the Arts Council’s dedication to recognizing and commemorating the contributions of individuals who have enriched the cultural and intellectual landscape of Pakistan.

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