SMIU Vice Chancellor Encourages New Students to Aim High and Contribute to National Development

Karachi, During the Orientation Day for the Spring 2024 session at Sindh Madressatul Islam University (SMIU), Vice Chancellor Dr. Mujeeb Sahrai urged newly enrolled students to maintain an open mindset and pursue multiple goals for their personal development and the advancement of the country. The event, organized by the Directorate of Students Affairs and Counselling, took place at the Sir Shahnawaz Bhutto Auditorium, where Dr. Sahrai emphasized the critical role of youth in national progress.

According to Sindh Madressatul Islam University, Dr. Sahrai, in his address, highlighted the significance of the youth’s contribution towards the development of Pakistan, noting that 60 percent of the country’s population comprises young individuals. He encouraged the students to fully engage in their studies and participate in co-curricular activities offered by the university’s student societies, underlining the unique opportunity they have received by being admitted to the alma mater of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

The vice chancellor also pointed out the wealth of resources available at SMIU, including a highly learned and experienced faculty, aimed at providing quality education to its students. He advised the students to take full advantage of these facilities to enrich their educational experience.

The orientation event also featured presentations by Deans Dr. Aftab Ahmed Shaikh and Dr. Zahid Ali Channar, Advisor on Academics Dr. Abdul Hafeez Khan, and chairpersons Dr. Hina Shahzad, Dr. Mansoor Ahmed Khuhro, and Dr. Riaz Ahmed Mangrio, along with Ms. Zonaira Jalali, Manager of Student Affairs. They provided the new students with an overview of SMIU’s history, departments, and the facilities available, setting the stage for a fruitful academic journey ahead.

Dr. Sahrai’s message to the students underscored the importance of leveraging their education at SMIU to make significant contributions to the progress of Pakistan, emphasizing the role of the youth in shaping a developed and prosperous future for the country.