World Diabetes Day Conference at Ziauddin University Focuses on Management and Awareness

Karachi, in observance of World Diabetes Day, Ziauddin University’s Department of Medicine and Allied and the Departments of Research and Molecular Medicine hosted a conference at the university’s auditorium. The event was centered around raising awareness and educating the public about diabetes management and living with the disease. The conference brought together a multidisciplinary panel of experts including doctors, nurses, dieticians, and research scientists to discuss comprehensive diabetes management strategies.

According to Ziauddin University, the conference featured several key speakers who shared their insights on various aspects of diabetes. Prof. Dr. Talat Mirza, the executive director of research and head of the Department of Molecular Medicine, addressed the rising prevalence of diabetes in Pakistan, particularly among individuals aged 35-64. She introduced new drug targets and discussed the promising role of OMIC technology and precision medicine in diabetes treatment.

Professor Dr. Masood Hameed Khan emphasized insulin resistance as a primary cause of diabetes, advocating for continuous blood glucose monitoring and lifestyle changes including increased physical activity and a balanced organic diet. Prof. Dr. Uzma Ghori presented a holistic, person-centered approach for managing Type 2 diabetes, underscoring the importance of timely screening and new diagnostic criteria. Dr. Fatima Jhangir focused on patient-based treatment options and the critical role of dietary choices in managing the condition.

Further contributions included Dr. Abdul Hameed’s discussion on the necessity for new anti-diabetic drugs and the importance of weight loss in diabetes remission, while Dr. Fasiha Sohail addressed the ethical considerations in prescribing antidiabetic drugs, highlighting the need to consider conflicts of interest and patient preferences.

The conference served as a platform for sharing valuable knowledge and advancements in diabetes management, reflecting the university’s commitment to contributing to the global fight against this increasingly prevalent disease.

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