Thousands Rally in Karachi to Express Solidarity with Palestine

Karachi, Over 10,000 individuals, predominantly children, gathered at Nishtar Park in Karachi to demonstrate solidarity with the Palestinian cause. The participants, clad in shrouds, symbolized their support and commitment to the people of Palestine. The event, transcending political and sectarian boundaries, attracted a diverse crowd, including women, children, elders, and students.

According to the Shia Ulema Council of Pakistan, the gathering was not only a display of solidarity but also an opportunity to raise awareness about the perceived injustices faced by Palestinians. The Council emphasized the global implications of the issue, urging the United Nations to take firm action against the United States and Israel. Speakers at the event, including Allama Nazer Abbas Taqvi, condemned the ongoing conflict in Gaza and the broader Palestinian territories, highlighting the impact on civilians, hospitals, and schools. The rally also featured an exhibition focusing on the plight of Palestinians, drawing significant attention from the public.

The speakers, including prominent figures like Allama Sadiq Taqvi and Allama Aqeel Musa, called for an end to what they termed as the oppression by Israel and its allies. They claimed that the Palestinian resistance movements had inflicted a symbolic defeat on the United States and Israel. The rally ended with a collective call for international intervention to resolve the longstanding conflict and ensure justice for the Palestinian people.