Streaming Rights for Pakistan’s Home Series See Significant Increase

Lahore, In a significant development for cricket broadcasting in Pakistan, the consortium of Tamasha and Trans Group FZE has secured the live-streaming rights for Pakistan’s upcoming home T20I series against New Zealand, as well as the women’s home series against the West Indies, which includes five T20Is and three ODIs. This marks a notable 94 percent increase in the value of streaming rights compared to the previous home series against New Zealand in 2023.

According to Pakistan Cricket Board, the bid for these rights, which are exclusive to the Pakistan region, was part of a public bidding process that also saw participation from ARY Group, Tower Sports, and Tapmad. The successful acquisition by Tamasha and Trans Group FZE emphasizes the growing interest and market value of Pakistan’s cricket content.

Salman Naseer, PCB’s COO, expressed satisfaction over the substantial increase in the streaming rights’ value, attributing it to the robust market interest generated by hosting various international cricket teams. Naseer extended his congratulations to the successful bidders and voiced his anticipation for a continued prosperous partnership. He highlighted the enhancement in accessibility for fans to stream the white-ball series involving both the men’s and women’s national teams on these platforms.

Rao Usman Hashim Khan, COO of Trans Group, shared his enthusiasm for the partnership with Tamasha, underlining Trans Group’s commitment to supporting Pakistan Cricket and exploring the commercial potential of digital media rights in the sports industry. This collaboration aims to leverage digital platforms to amplify cricket’s reach and fan engagement in the region.

Aamer Ejaz, Chief Digital Officer at Jazz, remarked on the significance of securing the digital streaming rights, emphasizing cricket’s deep-rooted cultural and sporting significance in Pakistan. The partnership aims to make cricket more accessible to fans across the country through handheld devices, with Tamasha leading the way as a prominent local video streaming platform.

This development not only underscores the commercial viability of cricket in Pakistan but also promises to bring high-quality streaming of international cricket matches directly to fans, enhancing the overall viewership experience and expanding the sport’s audience base.

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