Sindh High Court Hears Petition on SM Law College Student Admissions Issue

Karachi, The Sindh High Court is currently addressing a constitutional petition regarding the non-sitting of SM Law College students in examinations. The petition, CP-D5623/2023, is being heard by a two-member bench consisting of Chief Justice Sindh High Court Aqeel Ahmad Abbasi and Justice Abdul Mubeen Lakho.

According to Pasban Democratic Party, the petition was filed against Karachi University’s objection to the admission of 150 students by SM Law College. During the hearing, Chief Justice Aqeel Ahmed Abbasi expressed concern over the potential impact on the futures of the male and female students involved. He questioned why Karachi University did not raise objections at the initial stage of these admissions. The students, having been admitted a year earlier, paid examination fees and attended classes for a year, are now facing hurdles as exams approach.

The court has given Karachi University one more day to present legal justification if they believe these admissions are incorrect. The next hearing is scheduled for December 7. The court emphasized the importance of not jeopardizing the students’ futures.

The matter was brought to the attention of Pasban Democratic Party Chairman Altaf Shakoor by the affected students. Shakoor, advocating for the students’ rights, directed Advocate Khurram Lakhani to file the constitutional petition on behalf of SM Law College student Fatima Quaid.

Shakoor, addressing the media after the hearing, described the situation as brutalization of the students, who had taken admission through legal procedures. He stated that when it was time for exams, Karachi University barred 50 students from appearing, prompting them to seek help from the Pasban Democratic Party. Shakoor highlighted Pasban’s commitment to fighting for merit and justice, drawing parallels to past cases where the party intervened to ensure justice for students in other institutions.

Advocate Khurram Lakhani noted that the ongoing dispute between Karachi University and SM Law College is detrimental to the students’ future. He expressed optimism that the court proceedings are moving in a positive direction and hoped for a favorable decision for the students.

The students, represented by Fatima Quaid, remain hopeful that the issues between Karachi University, SM Law College, and the Higher Education will be resolved in the next hearing, safeguarding their academic future.

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