“SHC Orders Inclusion of 150 SM Law College Students in Exams, Overruling Karachi University’s Refusal”

Karachi, The Sindh High Court (SHC) has made a significant decision allowing an additional 150 students from SM Law College to sit for their exams. The court directed Karachi University to accept the enrollments of these students and facilitate their participation in the upcoming examinations.

According to Pasban Democratic Party, the dispute began when Karachi University refused to recognize the enrollments of 150 students admitted by SM Law College. The university initially allowed only 100 of these students to appear for the annual examination. This led to the affected students seeking assistance from the Pasban Democratic Party, prompting Chairman Altaf Shakoor to instruct advocate Khurram Lakhani to file a petition on behalf of the students.

During the last hearing, the SHC expressed its displeasure over Karachi University’s attitude towards its affiliated colleges. The principal of SM Law College, along with the lawyer of Karachi University, presented their stances to the court, comprising acting Chief Justice Aqeel Ahmed Abbasi and Justice Abdul Mubeen Lakho. The principal referenced a letter from the Pakistan Bar Council, highlighting that while 150 students were given admission, the university was permitting only 100 to appear in the examination.

Karachi University’s lawyer had requested additional time for preparation, contesting the law college’s claim regarding the admission of the extra 50 students. The court, emphasizing the critical nature of the issue for the students’ futures, criticized Karachi University for neglecting its affiliated colleges and stressed the importance of upholding the law.

Advocate Khurram Lakhani argued that the students had already paid their admission, enrollment, and examination fees and had been attending classes since 2022. He urged that while the university and the law college should resolve their differences, the students’ futures should not be compromised.

In a decisive move, the court allowed these students to participate in the exams, instructing Karachi University to recognize their enrollments and take the necessary steps. The ruling was met with gratitude from the students, who thanked acting Chief Justice Aqeel Ahmed Abbasi of the Sindh High Court for ensuring justice.

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