Senator Sherry Rehman Condemns Woman’s Murder in Toba Tek Singh, Calls for Justice

Islamabad, Senator Sherry Rehman, Vice-President of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), has vocally condemned the heinous murder of a woman in Toba Tek Singh, Punjab, calling for an exhaustive investigation to ensure swift justice. The Senator’s remarks followed reports of a brutal familial homicide, sparking widespread concern and demands for accountability.

According to Pakistan Peoples Party, Senator Rehman expressed her profound disturbance and outrage at the murder, urging for immediate action to address the systemic issues underpinning such violence. The murder, carried out by the victim’s own family members and exposed through social media, underscored a grim reality faced by many women in Pakistan.

The incident aligns disturbingly with broader statistics on violence against women in Pakistan, with significant percentages reported to have experienced domestic and gender-based violence. Senator Rehman highlighted these trends, referencing data from the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan and international sources to underline the endemic nature of such violence.

Rehman called for stringent accountability for the perpetrators, emphasizing that impunity for crimes against women must end. She pointed to Sindh’s legislative framework as a model, where comprehensive measures against domestic violence include protection, relief, and penal provisions under the Sindh Domestic Violence (Prevention and Protection) Act of 2013 and its subsequent rules established in 2016.

The Senator’s statement also underscored the need for societal sensitization towards violence against women and called for a bipartisan approach in parliament to bolster women’s rights and protection. She stressed that the PPP remains committed to advocating for women’s rights as a central tenet of its platform, signaling the imperative for societal and political change to honor and protect the rights of women across Pakistan.

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