Sarwat Ijaz Qadri Criticizes Government’s Inaction on Rising Fire Incidents

Karachi, President of Pakistan Sunni Tehreek, has voiced serious concerns over the increasing number of fire incidents and the consequent loss of lives in Pakistan. He criticized the government’s failure to effectively manage and prevent these incidents, emphasizing the urgent need for a comprehensive policy to address this growing problem.

According to Pakistan Sunni Tehreek, Qadri expressed disappointment with the government’s response to the fires. He pointed out that despite the increasing frequency of these incidents, the government’s efforts to control them are inadequate. Qadri highlighted that the concerned departments spring into action only after a fire has started, and often, the response is too slow to prevent loss of life. He noted that the lack of emergency backup in newly constructed high-rise buildings and shopping centers is a significant safety concern, and criticized the authorities for their lax attitude towards safety regulations and building approvals.

Qadri further emphasized the need for the government to develop an effective and comprehensive policy to prevent fire incidents, whether in small markets or large high-rise buildings. He stressed the importance of having proper emergency control arrangements in place to handle such situations. He also called out the concerning trend of constructing high-rise buildings and shopping centers without proper safety measures, describing Karachi as a “concrete jungle” where safety norms are often ignored. Qadri urged the current government to issue immediate orders to the concerned departments to ensure that no activities are carried out in buildings or shopping centers unless they are equipped to handle emergency situations.

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