Punjab University College of Pharmacy Leads Conference Segment at Pak Pharma Expo in LahoreBahria University Islamabad Invites Bids for Advanced Security System Installation

Lahore, The Punjab University College of Pharmacy (PUCP) played a pivotal role in the Pak Pharma Expo, hosting a conference segment at the Expo Centre that brought together leading figures from the pharmaceutical industry. The event, aimed at fostering collaboration between academia and the industry, featured the latest advancements and techniques in the pharmaceutical sciences.

According to University of The Punjab, the conference was inaugurated by Punjab University Vice Chancellor Prof Dr. Khalid Mahmood. Notable attendees included PUCP Principal Prof Dr. Syed Atif Raza, along with distinguished pharmacists, industrialists, and academics. The gathering provided a platform for CEOs and representatives from prominent pharmaceutical companies, such as NovaMed, Air Pharma, and MRA Engineering, to reconnect with their alma mater. These interactions culminated in the signing of Letters of Understanding between PUCP and various industries, aimed at enhancing research collaboration and support.

The event highlighted the critical need for a closer relationship between academia and industry to drive mutual growth and innovation. Professors Dr. Hamid Saeed and Dr. Furqan Hashmi emphasized the importance of this partnership for advancing pharmaceutical sciences. PUCP showcased its research initiatives and academic programs through an impressive stall, demonstrating the college’s commitment to innovation and excellence in education.

Faculty members, including Dr. Imran Tariq, Prof Dr. Nasir Abbas, and Dr. Khalil ur Rehman, presented on emerging technologies in pharmaceutical sciences, underlining the conference’s role as a catalyst for knowledge exchange and networking within the sector. Prof Dr. Syed Atif Raza lauded the Pak Pharma Expo for its role in facilitating discussions on key issues facing Pakistan’s pharmaceutical industry and highlighted the event’s contribution to promoting innovation and collaboration between academia and industry.

Islamabad, Bahria University Health Sciences Campus Islamabad (BUHSCI) has officially opened bids for the supply and installation of an advanced CCTV and Passenger/Vehicle Access Control System. This initiative is aimed at enhancing security measures within the campus premises.

According to Bahria University, the invitation for sealed bids targets GST registered firms and suppliers, detailing the requirements for a comprehensive security setup. The project encompasses a wide range of equipment and services, including CCTV and video management systems, network switches, control room infrastructure, civil works, power solutions, E-Tag equipment, display and network equipment, visitor and attendance management systems, printing section, power equipment, road blockers, and various software applications for a turnkey network solution.

The scope of work outlined by the university mandates that the bidder is responsible for the full installation, checking, and commissioning of all equipment. The quoted solutions must meet the technical specifications provided in the tender document, ensuring compatibility. The university emphasizes the importance of having at least three certified engineers for the quoted products and offers a one-year onsite service and support guarantee.

The bidding process, governed by the Single Stage – Two Envelope procedure in accordance with PPRA Rules 2004, requires bids to be submitted by March 13, 2024. The technical bids will be opened on the same day, with the university reserving the right to reject any or all bids as per Rule 33 of PPRA-2004.

Interested firms can acquire the bidding documents against a non-refundable fee of Rs.5,000, aiming to secure a contract for providing a secure and reliable security system for BUHSCI. The project also includes post-installation services such as routine maintenance, repair services during the warranty period, and end-user training for Bahria University staff.

For further technical information, potential bidders are encouraged to contact the Project Manager at BUHSCI.

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