Punjab Arts Council Announces Cultural Festival in Rawalpindi, Aims to Promote Art and Culture

Rawalpindi, the first meeting of the Board of Management of the Punjab Arts Council, chaired by Rawalpindi Commissioner Liaqat Ali Chatta, was held at the commissioner’s office in Rawalpindi. The meeting focused on discussing initiatives for promoting art and culture in the Potohar region, including the announcement of a cultural festival organized by the Rawalpindi Arts Council and the Parks and Horticulture Authority (PHA).

According to Punjab Arts Council, the Board of Management, including President Saqib Rafiq and other key members like Director General of Parks and Horticulture Authority Ahmed Hasan Ranjha and Director Public Relations Muhammad Owais, convened to deliberate on the objectives and future plans of the council. Waqar Ahmed, Secretary/Director of the Board of Management and Arts Council, provided a detailed briefing on the goals of the board’s formation. Liaqat Ali Chatta emphasized the board’s commitment to fostering art and cultural development in the region.

The cultural festival, scheduled from December 25 to December 31, is set to feature a variety of events, including drama, music performances, flower displays, and cultural stalls. Commissioner Chatta highlighted the festival’s intent to offer entertainment and engagement opportunities for citizens. He encouraged organizing activities that would attract a large number of participants.

Chairman of the Punjab Arts Council urged the board members to offer constructive suggestions for promoting art and culture. Saqib Rafiq, President of the Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industries and Board of Management, emphasized the importance of showcasing new talent and organizing cultural activities in Rawalpindi’s historical buildings, underscoring the region’s rich cultural heritage.

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