PPP Sweeps District Shikarpur in Recent Elections

Shikarpur, The Pakistan People’s Party Parliamentarian (PPPP) achieved a resounding victory in District Shikarpur, securing all seats for both the National Assembly and Provincial Assembly with a significant lead over their opponents. This win underscores the PPPP’s strong foothold in the region, reflecting the party’s enduring support base among the electorate.

According to Pakistan Peoples Party, the PPPP candidates outperformed their rivals in a fiercely contested battle, particularly against the candidates from Jamiat Ulma-e-Islam Pakistan (JUI-F). The official results, as per Form 47 issued on February 9, 2024, revealed substantial margins of victory for PPPP across the board. In the National Assembly constituencies, Muhammad Shaharyar Khan Mahar of PPPP won NA-193 Shikarpur with 131,082 votes, while Mir Shabeer Ali Bijarani clinched NA-192 Kashmore Cum Shikarpur with 125,197 votes. Their JUI opponents, Moulana Rashid Mehmood Soomro and another JUI candidate, secured 56,153 and 76,864 votes, respectively.

The Provincial Assembly seats saw similar trends, with PPPP candidates Imtiaz Ahmed Shaikh, Muhammad Arif Khan Mahar, and Agha Siraj Khan Durani winning PS-07 Shikarpur-I, PS-08 Shikarpur-II, and PS-09 Shikarpur-III, respectively. Their victories were marked by significant leads over their JUI rivals, further solidifying PPPP’s dominance in the district.

The election witnessed active participation from the electorate, with varying voter turnout percentages across the constituencies. Notably, NA-192 Kashmore Cum Shikarpur saw a 52.21% voter turnout, while PS-08 Shikarpur-II experienced the highest turnout at 62.97%. These figures reflect the electorate’s engagement and the competitive nature of the electoral process in the district.

Overall, PPPP’s comprehensive victory in District Shikarpur during the 2024 elections highlighted the party’s robust support base and its candidates’ ability to mobilize voters effectively. The wins also signify the party’s potential influence in the formation and policies of the upcoming government, especially in a political landscape anticipating the establishment of a PDM-type government.

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