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Pasban Democratic Party Chairman Calls for Unified Muslim Response to Gaza Situation

Karachi, Altaf Shakoor, Chairman of the Pasban Democratic Party (PDP), expressed grave concerns over the lack of collective action from the Muslim world in response to the situation in Gaza. In a recent statement, Shakoor criticized the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and Arab nations for not imposing economic sanctions on Israel and for their overall tepid response to what he termed the ‘Gaza genocide’.

According to the Pasban Democratic Party, Shakoor proposed that Muslim countries should form their own political and military blocks, similar to the European Union and NATO, respectively. He suggested that an attack on any Muslim country should be viewed as an attack on all, advocating for relaxed visa restrictions among these nations and the adoption of a common currency. Shakoor also highlighted the lack of substantial protests in Karachi, the largest Muslim city in the world, against the Gaza situation. He compared this to larger demonstrations in London, questioning the resolve of Pakistanis and Karachiites. Shakoor called for Pakistan’s major political parties, including the PPP, PML-N, and PTI, to organize significant rallies in support of Palestinians.

Furthermore, Shakoor urged the Pakistani government to lower the national flag to half-mast in mourning for the victims in Gaza and requested a strong statement against Israel from the caretaker prime minister. He emphasized Pakistan’s role as the only nuclear power in the Muslim world and expressed disappointment at the country’s lack of assertive action against what he described as the ‘Gaza genocide’. Shakoor concluded by demanding that Muslim countries with diplomatic ties to Israel should follow South Africa’s example and sever all relations with Israel.