Pasban Democratic Party Calls for Broad-Based National Government to Address Economic and Electoral Reforms

Karachi, In response to the recent general election results, Pasban Democratic Party (PDP) Chairman Altaf Shakoor emphasized the need for a broad-based national government to overcome political polarization and spur economic stability and electoral reforms in Pakistan. Highlighting the importance of a united approach among major political factions and independent candidates, Shakoor proposed a collaborative effort to navigate the country through its current political and economic challenges, aiming for a stronger economy and the introduction of a proportionate electoral system.

According to Pasban Democratic Party, Shakoor voiced concerns over the widening political divide exacerbated by the election outcomes, advocating for a collective governance model to prioritize national interests above individual or party agendas. He remarked on the general election as being relatively free and fair, with the success of independent candidates signifying a healthy respect for political dissent—an essential for democracy. Shakoor also underlined the significant role of youth in the electoral process, warning that neglecting their aspirations could be detrimental to political parties.

The PDP chairman called for overdue electoral reforms, specifically the adoption of a proportionate electoral system to replace the current one, which he argued benefits major mafias over ordinary citizens. By ensuring that every vote is heard and valued, Shakoor believes that Pakistan can cultivate a more robust and sustainable democracy.

Shakoor stressed the supremacy of the economy over political considerations, pointing out the danger of dependency on international lenders like the World Bank and IMF without a strong economic foundation. He advocated for concentrated efforts on agricultural, irrigation, and solar energy sectors as pivotal for the nation’s progress. Furthermore, he suggested the implementation of rooftop solar panel systems in every household and the construction of both large and small dams, alongside the utilization of water-saving technologies to irrigate barren lands.

Concluding his statement, Altaf Shakoor congratulated all election winners, expressing hope that they would fulfill their responsibilities towards the nation’s welfare to their utmost capability.

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