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Nearly Half of Pakistanis Pessimistic About Economic Outlook for the Next Six Months

ISLAMABAD, A recent survey reveals that 48% of Pakistanis believe that the coming six months will present a challenging economic scenario for the country, with perceptions ranging from ‘bad’ to ‘very bad’ concerning the Pakistani economy’s prospects.

According to a news release by Gallup and Gilani Pakistan in conjunction with Dun and Bradstreet Pakistan, the study aimed to gauge the public’s sentiment regarding the economic direction Pakistan might take in the imminent future. Respondents from a diverse cross-section of the nation, representing both genders, were presented with a question about their economic outlook for the forthcoming six months.

When posed with the query, “In your opinion, compared to today, how is the economic situation of the country going to be in the next six months?”, the responses were distributed as follows:

Optimistic Views: 5% of respondents felt the situation would be ‘much better,’ while 21% believed it would be ‘better’.

Neutral Perception: 18% of those surveyed felt the economic conditions would remain ‘the same as before’.

Pessimistic Views: A combined total of 48% had a less positive view, with 24% predicting the situation would become ‘worse’ and another 24% stating it would be ‘much worse’.

Uncertainty: A notable 8% were unsure or provided no answer to the question.

The results underscore the prevailing uncertainty and concerns among a significant portion of the Pakistani populace regarding the nation’s economic trajectory in the near term.