MDCAT 2023-24 Commences Smoothly Across Sindh with 41,000 Participants

Karachi: Dow University of Health Sciences has successfully initiated the Medical and Dental College Aptitude Test (MDCAT) for the session 2023-24 across Sindh, including Karachi. This significant educational event has attracted the participation of around 41,000 students from various parts of the province, aiming for seats in medical and dental colleges.

According to DUHS, The MDCAT is being conducted simultaneously at multiple venues: the Expo Centre Karachi on Main University Road in Karachi, Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences (LUMHS) in Jamshoro, Bilawal Sports Complex in Nawabshah (Shaheed Benazirabad), and the Police Training School at PTS Bus Terminal in Larkana. The distribution of students is approximately 15,000 from Karachi, 13,000 from Jamshoro, 4,000 from Nawabshah, and 9,000 from Larkana.

Ensuring a secure and orderly environment for the examinees, the Expo Centre Karachi has established separate entry points for male and female students. Comprehensive security measures are in place at all the testing venues, involving law enforcement agencies, Rangers, and Police, complemented by the availability of ambulances and medical aid volunteers to address any emergency scenarios.

This year’s MDCAT is a pivotal step for aspiring medical professionals, with students vying for a total of 3,600 MBBS and 1,190 BDS seats in various public and private medical and dental institutions across Sindh. The smooth start of the exam across the province reflects the meticulous planning and execution by Dow University of Health Sciences and its commitment to maintaining academic standards and integrity in the medical education sector.