Indus Hospital and Health Network Becomes ICAP’s First Non-Profit Training Organization

Karachi, Indus Hospital and Health Network (IHHN) has marked a significant achievement by becoming the first non-profit health center to be registered as a ‘Training Organization’ by The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP).

According to The Indus Hospital, this recognition under the Training Organization Outside Practice (TOoP) scheme by ICAP, the premier regulatory body of accountancy in Pakistan, is a groundbreaking development for IHHN and the healthcare sector. This achievement aligns with ICAP’s acknowledgment of the evolving global landscape, the increasing involvement of ICAP professionals in businesses, and the rising need for specialized expertise across various industries.

The TOoP program, designed to foster human capital development, offers several incentives to participating organizations and trainees. It focuses on nurturing technical and conceptual competencies, specifically tailored for the corporate sector, and providing clear pathways for career progression. For IHHN, this opens opportunities for professional growth and sustainability in human resources.

IHHN’s primary focus as a recognized TOoP will be in areas such as Finance and Audit, where it plans to leverage its expertise to foster the growth and development of professionals. Additionally, the organization will extend its training offerings to Human Resources and Corporate sectors, providing a secondary focus to those aiming to excel in these domains.

This milestone for IHHN not only signifies its commitment to excellence but also highlights the significant role that non-profit entities can play in professional development within the corporate sector. The recognition by ICAP bridges the gap between the healthcare and corporate worlds, paving the way for aspiring professionals to contribute effectively in specialized areas such as Finance, Audit, Human Resources, and Corporate. This achievement sets a new precedent for non-profit organizations in Pakistan, actively engaging in and shaping the future of professional training and development.

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