“Dow University Elects Four New Members to its Syndicate, Including Professor Sajida Qureshi”

Karachi, Dow University of Health Sciences has concluded its syndicate elections under the DUHS Act 2004, leading to the election of four new members, including Professor Sajida Qureshi. The election was overseen by the university’s Returning Officer Registrar Dr. Ashar Afaq. These newly elected members will serve in various academic capacities within the university’s syndicate for a term of three years.

According to Dow University of Health Sciences, the election results indicated a diverse range of academic representation. Professor Sajida Qureshi was elected for the seat of Professor, Dr. Adeel Ahmed Siddiqui for Associate Professor, Dr. Muhammad Ubaid for Assistant Professor, and Dr. Mashal Naeem Butt for Lecturer. This election brings together experienced academics from different levels within the university, each set to contribute their expertise and insights to the university’s syndicate.

The role of the syndicate members is crucial in shaping the academic and administrative policies of the university. They are responsible for overseeing various aspects of university governance, including curriculum development, faculty appointments, and strategic planning. The election of these members is a significant event for Dow University as it continues to advance its educational and research objectives.

The tenure of these members, lasting three years, will be a period of potential growth and development for Dow University of Health Sciences, as they bring their unique perspectives and experiences to the table.

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