CMH Multan Institute of Medical Sciences Announces Second Provisional BDS Merit ListRecep Tayyip Erdogan Hospital Introduces Comprehensive Diabetes Management Program in Muzaffargarh

Multan, The CMH Multan Institute of Medical Sciences (CIMS) has released the second provisional merit list of candidates selected for the Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) program for the 03 batch of the 2023-24 session. The announcement, which marks a critical step in the admissions process, outlines the names of candidates provisionally chosen based on open merit.

According to CMH Multan Institute of Medical Sciences, the merit list is available for public viewing via a link provided by the institute. However, it is important to note that the selection is provisional and contingent upon a thorough verification of documents. The institute reserves the right to make corrections, revisions, amendments, or even disqualifications in case any error, omission, lapse, mistake, fraud, or misrepresentation is detected or brought to the attention of the Admission Cell at CIMS Multan.

The publication of the second provisional merit list is a crucial phase in the admissions cycle, allowing candidates to verify their status and prepare for the next steps in the enrollment process. CIMS Multan emphasizes the importance of accuracy in the admissions process and the institute’s commitment to ensuring a fair and transparent selection process for its BDS program.

Candidates and their families are urged to review the merit list carefully and to prepare the necessary documents for the verification process. The institute also encourages those listed to stay informed about any updates or further instructions from the Admission Cell to facilitate a smooth transition into their medical studies at CIMS Multan.

Muzaffargarh, In a groundbreaking effort to combat the prevalence of diabetes, Recep Tayyip Erdogan Hospital (RTEH) has launched an extensive Diabetes Management Program. This initiative will offer a full range of services from diagnosis to treatment and awareness of diabetes and its complications, all at a single location.

According to The Indus Hospital, the Diabetes Management Program was inaugurated at RTEH in Muzaffargarh by Dr. Tasman A. Ibne Rasa, CEO of Indus Hospital and Health Network (North), and Dr. Shafiq Haider, Chief Operating Officer of the same network. Dr. Rasa emphasized that the program aligns with the hospital’s vision of providing holistic care to diabetic patients.

Dr. Haider underscored the importance of the new program, noting that it aims to eliminate the common hurdles diabetic patients face, such as accessing medications and understanding their condition. He pointed out that ignorance about diabetes can result in severe complications, including vision loss, kidney failure, and cardiovascular diseases.

Dr. Irfan Javed, the Head of Campus, expressed hope that the Diabetes Clinic will serve not only the local population in Southern Punjab but also attract patients from across the country, offering specialized care in a distinctive clinical environment.

The program, as per Dr. Sheraz Hassan, Faculty Chair, is designed to provide patients with essential guidance on diagnosis, treatments, balanced diets, and the management of diabetes-related health issues.

Dr. Nadeem Sohail, who leads the Diabetes Management Program, highlighted the clinic’s dedication to raising awareness about proper medication practices, dietary choices, and physical activities to manage diabetes effectively. He also mentioned that RTEH, with its 14,000 registered diabetic patients, stands out by offering free medications and insulin, which is not commonly available in other regional hospitals.

The inauguration of the Diabetes Management Program at RTEH marks a significant milestone in enhancing healthcare facilities for diabetic patients in Pakistan. It represents a concerted effort to address the diabetes epidemic through comprehensive care and to improve patient education for the effective management of this chronic disease.

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