Chitral Journalist Attacked During Report on Road Construction Quality

Chitral, A senior journalist, Gul Hamaad Farooqi, was attacked while recording a video of the substandard work being done by Umar Jan Company on the Chitral Booni Shandor Road. The incident, which involved physical assault and destruction of the journalist’s mobile phone, occurred when Farooqi questioned the quality of the construction work and attempted to document it.

According to the Chitral Development Moment (CDM), the incident took place during a period when concrete work was causing road blockages. Farooqi’s attempt to record the poor conditions led to a confrontation with Mustafa, a surveyor from Umar Jan Company. The situation escalated when a laborer, Siddiqullah, reportedly attacked Farooqi under Mustafa’s instruction. The press conference organized by CDM at the Chitral Press Club brought together various community leaders and representatives who condemned the attack and the quality of the road work. They criticized the contractor for substandard practices and called for action against the company.

The speakers at the press conference, including CDM Chairman Waqqas Ahmad Advocate and Maulana Israruddin Al Hilal, highlighted the issues with the road construction, citing the use of poor materials and lack of proper engineering practices. They expressed concerns over the safety of the protective walls and the overall quality of the work. The CDM also raised questions about the lack of oversight by the project consultant from NESPAK, Irfanul Haq, and demanded the posting of a more responsible and diligent consultant.

Furthermore, the press conference attendees demanded that the National Highway Authority and NESPAK ensure that Umar Jan Company delivers standard quality work on the Booni Shandor road. They called for direct involvement from the company’s owner, Akram Jan, to rectify the situation and prevent further substandard work. The conference concluded with a collective call for justice and quality assurance in public works projects.