University of the Punjab to Host Seminar on AI’s Impact on Academic Writing

Lahore, The Centre for South Asian Studies (CSAS) at the University of the Punjab is set to hold a one-day seminar in a hybrid format on May 29, 2024, focusing on the influence of artificial intelligence tools on academic writing practices.

According to University of the Punjab, the seminar will feature Dr. Aamir Arsalan, Assistant Professor in the Department of Software Engineering at Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi, as the guest speaker. The event, scheduled to start at 11 am, aims to explore the evolving role of AI technologies in shaping academic research and writing, highlighting both the potential benefits and challenges posed by these tools.

The session will provide a platform for academics, students, and professionals to discuss the implications of AI on traditional and digital education methodologies. The hybrid nature of the seminar will allow participants from diverse geographical locations to join and contribute to the discourse, ensuring a wide-ranging discussion on this timely topic.

University of Lahore Students Deepen Community Engagement Through UOL Relief Initiatives

Lahore, At the University of Lahore, student involvement in community service is not just encouraged but seen as integral to their personal and professional development. Through UOL Relief, the university’s dedicated community welfare wing, students are actively contributing to various outreach projects aimed at building a more equitable society in Pakistan.

According to The University of Lahore, UOL Relief’s extensive array of programs includes food support, rescue skills training, and emergency relief efforts, each designed to address different facets of societal needs. For example, during Ramadan, students volunteer their time to organize and distribute food packages in remote areas of Pakistan, providing essential items such as rice, sugar, and cooking oil to those in need.

The Rescue Scouts Corpse Programme, a collaborative effort with Rescue-1122, recently trained 26 students from various departments in essential emergency response skills. The 10-day training covered first aid, nutrition, and waste management, aiming to equip students with the knowledge to effectively contribute to their communities’ safety and well-being.

In times of international crisis, such as last year’s earthquake in Turkey, UOL students also played a significant role in organizing and sending relief materials abroad. These efforts reflect the university’s commitment to fostering a sense of global responsibility among its students.

The impact of these initiatives extends beyond immediate relief, as participating in UOL Relief helps students develop leadership skills, resilience, and a deeper understanding of humanitarian issues. UOL continues to promote these values, hoping to cultivate a culture of philanthropy and proactive community engagement among its students.

UOL Law Student Drives Environmental Change in Rural Pakistan with ‘Litter to Leadership’ Initiative

Lahore, A law student from the University of Lahore has launched a transformative community service project titled ‘Litter to Leadership,’ aimed at enhancing environmental awareness and community responsibility in rural areas of Pakistan.

According to The University of Lahore, Peer Ali, a Bachelor of Law student at UOL, initiated this project after returning from the United States where he participated in the Global UGRAD program. Inspired by the community service activities he witnessed in Lewiston, Idaho, particularly the efforts led by Mayor Daniel Johnson, Ali decided to apply his new insights to address environmental issues in his home country.

After securing a grant from the Global UGRAD-Pakistan Alumni Small Grants Community Development Initiatives, which is sponsored by the US Department of State and administered by IREX, Ali began implementing his project along the banks of the River Ravi. His initiative focuses on educating residents about the importance of cleanliness and waste management, starting with their own households. By promoting a sense of ownership and pride in their communities, Ali’s project aims to foster a culture of responsibility and proactive environmental stewardship.

The ‘Litter to Leadership’ project has included training sessions for villagers, as well as awareness campaigns in local primary schools to instill early values of environmental care among children. Through these efforts, Ali hopes to cultivate a generation of citizens who are not only aware of their environmental impact but also actively engaged in their community’s well-being.

Lahore School of Behavioural Sciences Champions Mental Health Awareness

Lahore, The Lahore School of Behavioural Sciences (LSBS) at the University of Lahore recently hosted a successful Brain Awareness Week, emphasizing the importance of psychosocial rehabilitation and the destigmatization of mental health issues.

According to The University of Lahore, the event, held from February 29th to March 6th, 2024, was part of a global initiative supported by the International Brain Research Organization and the Dana Foundation. Dr. Nazish Idrees led the effort, which featured a comprehensive series of activities designed to educate and engage participants on various aspects of brain health and mental wellness.

The week included presentations, workshops, webinars, and interactive sessions that covered a wide range of topics from the therapeutic applications of behavior analysis to the complexities of rehabilitation in mental health. Notably, the event drew an impressive roster of 35 guest speakers from across Pakistan’s psychiatric community and engaged over 120 attendees, including students and faculty.

Key activities included a workshop by Ms. Hafiza Hafsa Mahmood on “Applied Behaviour Analysis as a Therapy” and a webinar by Dr. Alishba Hania on “Reimagining Rehabilitation.” The program also tackled practical issues such as childhood eating habits, interpersonal relationships, and family roles in mental health support.

In addition to educational sessions, the event featured quizzes, poster presentations, and a mime competition, creating a dynamic and interactive learning environment. Participants received certificates and souvenirs, adding an element of recognition to the educational experience.

Under Dr. Idrees’s leadership, the LSBS utilized funding from the UOL Relief Fund to enhance the event’s impact, extending its reach beyond the academic community and into broader societal contexts. The initiative also included significant contributions to local mental health facilities, including the donation of ten therapeutic tools to organizations specializing in addiction rehabilitation and care for special children.

Collaborations with local media outlets and NGOs such as Willing Ways, Silver Lining, and Civil Society Halfway House helped amplify the message, furthering LSBS’s goal of building a more informed and empathetic community around mental health issues.

University of Lahore Scholars Advance Health and Fitness Research

Lahore, In a notable advancement for health and fitness science, three PhD scholars from the University of Lahore’s Department of Sports Sciences have successfully defended their theses, each focusing on different aspects of health, fitness, and performance enhancement.

According to The University of Lahore, the scholars, Mr. Bilal Gilani, Mr. Rehan Yousaf, and Mr. Arslan Gilani, under the guidance of their advisors, have contributed significant new insights into the roles of dietary supplements, aerobic training, and lifestyle interventions in improving physical health and performance. Mr. Bilal Gilani’s research under Prof. Dr. Yasmeen Iqbal examined the effects of whey protein supplementation on the anaerobic power of bodybuilders, offering potentially impactful data for athletes and fitness enthusiasts interested in nutritional strategies to boost performance.

Mr. Rehan Yousaf’s study, supervised by Prof. Dr. Mohibullah Khan Marwat, explored how moderate-intensity aerobic training affects resting and recovery heart rates, as well as body composition, potentially benefiting those looking to enhance cardiovascular health and fitness through exercise.

Meanwhile, Mr. Arslan Gilani’s work focused on the quality of life in diabetic patients, assessing how lifestyle changes and physical activity can affect their overall well-being, providing valuable insights for holistic disease management strategies.

These studies collectively underline the University of Lahore’s commitment to enriching the field of sports sciences by exploring a wide range of topics from nutritional supplementation to chronic disease management, aiming to inform better health and fitness practices across diverse populations.

Prime Minister Talent Hunt Youth Sports Judo (Men and Women) Provincial League Concludes in Lahore

Lahore, The University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (UVAS), in collaboration with the Higher Education Commission (HEC), will host the concluding ceremony of the Prime Minister Talent Hunt Youth Sports Judo (Men and Women) Provincial League on May 28, 2024, at the City Campus Sports Complex. Five teams from various regions of Punjab, including Lahore, Sargodha, Faisalabad, Multan, and Sialkot, competed in the event.

According to University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, the prize distribution ceremony will be presided over by UVAS Vice Chancellor, Meritorious Prof. Dr. Muhammad Younas Rana, on May 28. Prof Dr. Muhammad Ijaz, Chairman of the UVAS Sports Board, led a meeting with conveners and secretaries of management committees to review the preparations for the event, with Director Sports UVAS Rana Amjad Iqbal also in attendance.