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The solution to the problems of the people is not with the caretaker government but with the government elected by the people, early elections are the solution to the country’s problems: Senator Quratul Ain Marri

Karachi, September 01, 2023 (PPI-OT): Quratul Ain Marri said that the biggest problem facing the people of Pakistan is the electricity bills. The people have been forced to think how to pay the bills. How can more than 80 percent of people who live in rented houses pay tax? We reject artificial relief, we will pay one income tax on one salary, if we give relief in the name of meter, then how will the people living in rented houses pay the bill? Does it? FBR will fulfill its target but the burden will fall on the public. 47% of electricity is being generated from imported products, only 2% is using thermal coal, thermal coal is black gold for Pakistan, PP has provided solar system to 200,000 homes in Sindh.

In 2010 PP created alternative energy board but nobody used it, Pakistan should generate electricity from the sources it has, coal is the cheapest source of electricity, our focus is only to pay the bills, Govt. The anger is falling on the poor workers, none of us are using the free units, our caretaker prime minister says that judges do not get free electricity. He said that judges get 1000 units of electricity for free. You cannot take two income taxes on one salary, think to rationalize taxation from people, don’t take illegal taxes from people, there is no coordination between FBR, electricity companies, we have There are reserves of coal, why is Pakistan ordering imported coal? Pakistan has coal mines. Even today 2600 megawatts of electricity are being generated from Tharcoal. It is better to go for real relief than to take artificial measures.

We have targeted in Sindh. Subsidy The target subsidy initiative is not difficult. Center of People’s Party Sahar Kamran said that I do not have any hope from Keir Taker government, parliamentarians do not get free electricity, free electricity users should be terminated, even if the Prime Minister is not on the chair, they are given free electricity. Why is electricity given free after retirement? The solution to electricity bills is not to pay the bill in instalments, who will pay the next month’s bill? There was a discussion on electricity bills that petroleum prices were increased, people involved in electricity theft.

Take action against, the biggest loss is due to electricity theft, the problems of the people are not with the caretaker government but with the elected government of the people, PP has lit the lamp of light and provided sustenance through Benazir Income Support. Journalists Answering the questions, Senator Quratul Ain Marri said that early elections are the solution to the country’s problems.

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