Review of Democratic Institutions Performance Shows Mixed Developments

Islamabad: The latest monthly review from the Pakistan Institute of Legislative Development and Transparency reveals significant developments in the performance of Pakistan’s democratic institutions along with key international events. The report highlights various national and international political dynamics, indicating a complex landscape of governance and policy-making.

According to Pakistan Institute of Legislative Development and Transparency, the review touches on several critical issues including the adoption of the controversial federal budget for 2024-2025, debates on live broadcasting parliamentary sessions, and partial legal relief for former political leaders. Additionally, it addresses the ongoing concerns about intelligence agencies’ alleged interference in the judiciary and the complexities faced during the general elections of 2024, as noted by the Chief Election Commissioner.

Other notable points include discussions on abolishing the National Accountability Bureau through political consensus, high-profile meetings involving national leaders and foreign dignitaries, and international reactions, particularly a resolution by the US House of Representatives that has been described as interfering in Pakistan’s domestic politics.