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Rawalpindi Commemorates Hazrat Abu Dhar Ghaffari on “Day of Companions”

Rawalpindi, The death anniversary of Muqtadar Sahabi Rasool Hazrat Abu Dhar Ghaffari was solemnly observed across Pakistan as the “Day of Companions” on Wednesday, 5th of Dhul Hijj. The event, initiated by Quaid Millat Jafariya Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Mousavi, featured nationwide meetings, conferences, and seminars to honor the revered companion of the Prophet Muhammad.

According to Tehreek Nafaze Fiqhe Jafariya, the day was marked with scholarly discussions on Hazrat Abu Dhar’s life and teachings, emphasizing his model of poverty and his resistance against materialism, which speakers highlighted as a deathblow to capitalism. The events were attended by scholars, intellectuals, and religious figures who spoke about the need for unity and solidarity to uphold the truths Hazrat Abu Dhar championed.

Secretary General TNFJ Allama Raja Basharat Hussain Emami, addressing the Majlis Sahabit at the Shia School Headquarters, stressed the contemporary relevance of Hazrat Abu Dhar’s example of truth and righteousness. He also noted the ongoing challenges faced by Pakistan from anti-Islamic forces and extremist groups, urging both government and opposition to adhere to a national action plan to counter terrorism and safeguard national interests.

Allama Syed Qamar Haider Zaidi, another key speaker, drew parallels between Hazrat Abu Dhar and other notable figures of early Islamic history, such as Hazrat Salman Farsi. He recounted the Prophet Muhammad’s praise for Abu Dhar’s unwavering honesty and his foretold hardships for adhering to his faith. The narrative of Hazrat Abu Dhar’s solitary end, fulfilling the Prophet’s prophecy, was particularly poignant for attendees, reinforcing his esteemed position in Islamic tradition.

The commemoration also reiterated commitments to follow the teachings of Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Mousavi, with a focus on promoting justice and righteousness as vital components of societal development. The gathering concluded with a pledge to continue advocating for these values in the spirit of Hazrat Abu Dhar Ghaffari’s legacy.