PRCS Chairman Highlights Relief Efforts in Flood-Hit Balochistan During Meeting with Corps Commander

Quetta, Sardar Shahid Ahmed Laghari, Chairman of the Pakistan Red Crescent Society (PRCS), met with Corps Commander Quetta Lieutenant General Asif Ghafoor to discuss the Red Crescent’s crucial role in providing relief during the recent floods in Balochistan. The meeting highlighted the PRCS’s collaborative efforts with the Pakistan Army in delivering aid to the flood-affected regions.

According to Pakistan Red Crescent Society, Chairman Laghari and Lieutenant General Asif Ghafoor examined the ongoing relief initiatives in Balochistan. Laghari underscored the PRCS’s swift and effective response to the crisis, detailing the extensive assistance provided to over 2.8 million families impacted by the 2022 Monsoon floods. He emphasized that Balochistan has been a focal point for the PRCS, with the organization working closely with the Pakistan Army to offer significant aid in the province.

The PRCS’s response included the distribution of essential non-food items, food supplies, medical facilities, and financial aid to the affected households. Chairman Laghari elaborated on the PRCS’s specific initiatives, including the provision of domestic necessities to 9,798 households and ongoing ration distribution to 3,400 households. He also mentioned cash assistance to over 6,000 Afghan migrant families and the installation of filtration plants in districts experiencing water scarcity.

In the health sector, the PRCS deployed 10 mobile health units, benefiting more than 40,000 households in flood-affected areas. Additionally, Laghari addressed the assistance provided to Afghan families returning home, with the establishment of regular posts on the Chaman border for medical aid and facilitation.

Lieutenant General Asif Ghafoor praised the PRCS’s commitment and services, particularly highlighting its significant role during natural disasters. He commended the National Society’s dedication under Chairman Laghari’s leadership, noting its impartial humanitarian services regardless of ethnicity or background.